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You may send us a message for any kind of inquiry by email to contact@templates

  1. How to make the template's contact form to send email?
    PHP file (send_email.php) is required to handle a mail function to send email.
    Then, set <form action="send_email.php" method="post">
  2. May I delete credit links from website templates?
    Yes, you may delete any credit link or delete them all.
  3. Do I have to buy a template license for a link removal?
    No, you do not have to.
  4. What kind of license do templates have?
    All templates have a CC license.
  5. Are templates free for any kind of use?
    Yes, they are completely free to use for your personal, educational, and commercial websites.
  6. May I use templates to make my client websites?
    Yes, you can use our templates and charge your cleints for your service.
  7. May I re-use images from templates?
    Yes, you may use them.
  8. Can I redistribute your templates?
    Yes, you may do so with all credit links on templates remain in tact.
  9. May I support templates land website?
    You may spread a word about templates land to your friends.

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